You have to give it up to the three guys who put the high in hiatus. It’s been a bit of a gap to say the least since the last Beaver Cool Aid. Lisle said it best during this one, “Life Happens.” Lisle, Lloyd and Drew get caught up with on what happened with each other over the holidays…somehow they try to find the funny in all of it and share with you.


00:10                  2018 recap

08:21                  Dave Grohl’s 50th birthday

13:50                  Lloyd prepares for High School reunion

17:55                  More Dave Grohl tidbits from Lloyd

21:05                  Amarillo restaurant feeds non paid govt. employees

25:23                  NFL Big Game predictions

30:55                  Alexa takes over

37:48                  Hair Club for Lloyd

42:38                  Christmas leftovers


Explicit 18+

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