Trans-Siberian Orchestra has definitely been a holiday tradition for LA Lloyd almost two decades.  The lights, pyro, sound, musicians and vocalists all encompass the true feeling of the holidays turned up to 11.  Al Pitrelli, TSO guitarist and band leader takes us behind the scenes on this podcast.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Slash is one of the most recognized guitar players.  Through his career, he has played and collected many amazing guitars. Gibson publishing has released a new book with over 300 pages and more than 400 photographs of these guitars.  Slash talks about the guitars and how this new book was put together utilizing many photos taken by Ross Haflin, who goes back with Slash to 1986 at the beginning of Guns N' Roses.

It was so much fun doing this Podcast with Lzzy Hale from Halestorm for the LA Lloyd Rock 30 Hale-O-Ween special.  Lzzy and LA Lloyd will reflect back to their youth growing up in a rural area trying to find anyone nearby that was passing out that precious candy to fill our pillow case.  

Back From The Dead is the latest album from Halestorm.  Lzzy shares a story about one of the songs on the album called Strange Girl.  This song was influenced by a 15-year old girl she met through social media who was struggling with her sexuality while being in lockdown during the Pandemic.  The story inspired Lzzy and she will share the story.  

On September 17, 2002, Theory Of A Deadman released their self-titled debut album.  We celebrate this 20-year anniversary with their vocalist Tyler Connolly.  LA Lloyd has found archived audio of the first interview he did with Tyler in San Antonio, TX only days after the album was released.  It definitely gets a great reaction from Tyler when he hears the audio. 

According to the band, "Thundermother don't just play rock n' roll.  Thundermother are rock n' roll."  Charismatic and grateful describes the all-female Swedish Band whose motto is "We fight for rock n' roll."  They have some great stories to share about their beginning that has now taken them on the Scorpions Rock Believer World tour as the support act.  As their song says, "Watch Out."

While many bands released new albums during the peak of the pandemic, Sully Erna decided to ride it out and use the downtime to be with his closest friends and family.  With the uncertainty of touring, Godsmack began working on new songs that will eventually be released in February 2023 on the album Lighting Up The Sky.

Another bombshell that Sully drops is Lighting Up The Sky will probably be the last studio album coming from Godsmack.  He will tell LA Lloyd why the band came up with this decision.  Spoiler alert, the band isn’t breaking up and will continue to tour…just don’t expect new original music.

Shinedown continues to break records.  First, they have more NUMBER ONE SONGS on the LA Lloyd Rock 30 than any other band.  Since they debuted on the Rock 30, over the years they have accumulated nineteen #1 songs including their latest Daylight.

The latest album from Shinedown is Planet Zero.  This album has been the most successful album for the band not only in the United States but globally as well.  LA Lloyd and Brent will discuss many of the songs from the album including Lloyd's favorite America Burning.

This Podcast with Ayron Jones is rated F for FILTHY!  While some may misconstrue that word as negative or nasty, Ayron says, “Where I come from, it is used as the highest compliment.”  He worked with Marty Frederickson and Scott Stevens in Nashville to write his new single.

Also, check out a reflection where back in January 2022, Ayron performed on the Shiprocked 2022 cruise.  Fans got to see a once-in-a-lifetime experience of his band performing Prince’s Purple Rain. The band was joined by Carmen Vandenburg from Bones UK for a searing solo on guitar.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Nickelback is back!  LA Lloyd has nothing but love for the band.  Get ready for their vocalist Chad Kroeger and guitarist Ryan Peake to discuss many interesting topics.  First, Chad will discuss his vocal cords surgery that led to cancelled tours and a long rest for the vocalist.  The good news is Chad got very motivated and began writing a lot of new material.  The lead-off track "San Quentin" will be featured on their new album "Get Rollin'" which will be released November 18, 2022.

Megadeth released their latest album The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead! on September 2, 2022.  Dave Mustaine joins LA Lloyd to discuss many of the tracks on the album and some guests who contributed to the album including Sammy Hagar.  The current single from Megadeth is called Soldier On which features some serious shredding from Megadeth.

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