Three Days Grace released their latest album Explosions on May 6, 2022.  Just the same as many bands regarding recording a new album, the dynamic shifted tremendously.  Each member had to work on their parts individually due to lockdowns resulting from COVID-19.  While using ZOOM technology to communicate, Howard Benson produced the album and assisted everyone on how to get the best from each other.  Hear the great stories behind the making of their #1 song So Called Life.  In addition, hear how a tragic tornado in Mayfield, KY led to the backdrop for the video for their song Lifetime.

Pop Evil has literally co-hosted the LA Lloyd Rock 30 every time they have released a new album or featured single.  Their vocalist Leigh Kakaty joins LA Lloyd for his 16th appearance and there will be several things discussed on this Podcast.  First of all, what is the story on their Twitter page showing a photo of Leigh with Mike Tyson?  Eye of the Storm is a song that came to be when the band was unable to tour.  Everyone on the Pop Evil team agreed that this one needed to be finished and get it out to the fans as quick as possible.  If you love the "blue-collar" work ethic of Pop Evil, you are sure to enjoy this conversation with Leigh and LA Lloyd.

Over the past few years LA Lloyd and Chris Motionless have struck up a friendship.  So it's fitting that LA Lloyd welcomes Chris to hang out before the release of Motionless In White's album Scoring The End Of The World comes out June 10, 2022. Did you know a photo taken with Chris Motionless and LA Lloyd became a meme that went viral?  The phrase said "Still getting together with your friend from High School even though you went down very different paths."  You'll hear them have a good chuckle about this photo on the podcast.

The Offspring has had one hell of a ride since their first Number One song "Come Out And Play" was released in 1994.  LA Lloyd struck up a relationship with them that same year that has continued through the present.  Dexter and Noodles, vocalist and guitarist, are featured on this LA Lloyd Podcast.  Let The Bad Times Roll is the tenth album from the band and their first offering in eight years.  According to the band, "There wasn’t a break up, no hiatus (they’ve kept up a steady level of touring during the span between albums), simply the band likes to take their time."  Did you know that The Offspring vocalist Dexter Holland has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from USC?  He said, “I had kept in touch with my professors and they encouraged me to come back and finish it up.  The band was cool about it,' before adding with a laugh, 'and that only took five years.'”  Great stories like this throughout the Podcast.

Chris Jericho: Professional wrestler, Podcast host and frontman for Fozzy.  We will cover a lot of things including the release of a new album called Boombox, best and worst guests on the Talk Is Jericho Podcast, and a rock and wrestling cruise.  When Chris Jericho was last on the show, we were together at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Dallas in 2019 where he was on a panel discussing how to strategically do a Podcast that generates a huge audience.  He has done over 600 podcasts with some exciting guests along the way ranging from the top rock stars, TV and movie celebrities and just everyday people who have a great story to share.  Chris will go in-depth on what it takes to be a good host by listening to his guests and take the listeners on a journey with the stories told.  

Dorothy Martin, vocalist for Dorothy, the band, released her latest album "Gifts from the Holy Ghost" April 22, 2022.  The title of Dorothy's album derived from Dorothy witnessing her guitar tech overdosing and literally died.  She prayed for him to come back, which he did, and witnessing this grew her spirituality tremendously.

Rest in Peace is the first single from "Gifts from the Holy Ghost." Dorothy says it could be interpreted as a break-up song but there are many ways this could relate to the listener as she will explain in this Podcast.

Dorothy and LA Lloyd talk about the untimely passing of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.  In the conversation, she felt the track "Black Sheep" is dedicated to her fans and a perfect song to play for Taylor.

Caleb Shomo gives an in-depth interview with LA Lloyd discussing the band's past, present and the future of Beartooth.  Beartooth's album Below has already had a great run with their top-20 song The Past Is Dead.  Caleb says this song was written prior to the Pandemic.  However, when you listen to the track, it seems the band was able to predict what the future would look like based on the lyrics.  The follow-up single to The Past Is Dead is called Skin.  Caleb says the song is a "super-personal song and definitely one of my favorites on the record."   Enjoy and feel free to give your comments to

Jerry Cantrell is on his solo tour for the Spring of 2022.  Back in January of this year, he co-hosted the LA Lloyd Rock 30 to talk about the solo tour and his latest album "Brighten." Jerry released the album October 29, 2021 and features Duff McKagan on bass, Gil Sharone on drums, Greg Puciato on background vocals, Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums, Tyler Bates on strings, percussion and guitar, Vincent Jones on piano, keyboards and strings, Jordan Lewis on piano, and Michael Rozon on pedal steel.  A big highlight in this interview is Jerry discussing his love of fishing and bringing home the big catch for a dinner with Sammy Hagar.

Since the LA Lloyd Rock 30 began July 4, 2000, P.O.D. was one of the first bands to help launch the show.  Move forward to 2022 when P.O.D. vocalist Sonny Sandoval and guitarist Marcos Curiel are always happy to sit down and chat with LA Lloyd.  But for their 6th appearance, this one was very unique as it was recorded in the middle of the sea on the Shiprocked cruise.  Many things will be covered in the interview including the many milestones reached by P.O.D. including the 20th anniversary of their platinum album Satellite.  Also, the band talks about revisiting with legendary producer Howard Benson.  As Sonny and Marcos reveal, Howard takes them in the studio to show them all of the many plaques he's received from other gold and platinum artists.  But the one he's most proud of in the middle of the bunch is his first gold record he received as producer of P.O.D.'s album The Fundamental Elements of Southtown.

LA Lloyd delivers another fun interview from the Shiprocked Cruise.  Emily Armstrong, Dead Sara vocalist, returns with an engaging conversation from an artist's standpoint as a performer on essentially what could be described as a "festival on the sea." The first meeting LA Lloyd had with the band was at SXSW in 2012 as they were promoting their new single "Weatherman."  It was very cool to see them perform it live on Shiprocked 10 years later.  A bit of trivia about how the band's name; Dead Sara is a nod to the Fleetwood Mac song "Sara" and its lyric "...said Sara."  The band misheard the lyric as "dead Sara".  And the rest they say is history. 

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