How does one convince Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder to contribute their vocals on one of the greatest Rock songs ever written?  Tom Morello will answer that question when he co-hosts the LA Lloyd Rock 30.  Tom will explain how he managed to pull off AC/DC's Highway To Hell with a ripping lead guitar solo with two of the most iconic vocalists.  In addition, have you checked out Tom Morello's Master Class?  He will give you some insight on his approach to teaching you how to creatively come up with your own sound on guitar...spoiler alert, it doesn't involve a lot of gear...only a desire to use your creativity.  Tom Morello, visionary, revolutionist, and just an all-around great guy.  It is an honor to have him co-host the LA Lloyd Rock 30. 

LA Lloyd received some exciting news a few weeks ago that he was sworn to secrecy.  Finally on October 22, the secret was released from the culprit who goes by Slash. A new single from Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators is now out called The River is Rising.  In addition, there is an album called 4 that will be released on Gibson Records February 11, 2022.  And yes, there will be a tour to go along with the album release.  But don't take LA Lloyd's word for it.  Hear the truth from the man SLASH!

LA Lloyd has been trying for a couple years to work out a co-host spot on the Rock 30 with Greta Van Fleet.  Finally, it happens weekend of May 1-2.  It is perfect timing as the band has just released their new album The Battle At Garden’s Gate that came out April 16, 2021.  Jake Kiska, guitarist and Danny Wagner, drummer will tell you a lot of stories behind the songs on the album.  Be sure to call the LA Lloyd Rock 30 hotline at 855-576-2530 because it’s gonna be a Greta weekend.

It's the release of From Ashes To New Podcast on Matt Brandyberry's birthday 10/10/20.  In this podcast; From Ashes To New had their new album finished late 2019 and ready to be released this Spring.  A little pandemic hits and things didn't play out as planned.  Matt B, From Ashes To New vocalist, joins LA Lloyd to co-host the Rock 30 to get you updated.  We will talk about and play their new song called Panic.  Check out the video for Panic...they literally destroy an office. .

Back in 2016, Kevin Martin, Candlebox vocalist, and I did a virtual interview via Skype.  Little did we know that four years later, these type of interviews would become the norm in 2020.  What has Kevin been doing in the middle of the pandemic?  Actually he admits he should be practicing more but fortunately his wife has been nudging him to get back at it.  Candlebox worked with Peter Cornell, Chris' brother, for a new track called Let Me Down Easy.  There is a possible virtual live performance coming once the band can all get in one spot...probably Los Angeles.  And yes there will be a new album from Candlebox in 2021...and hopefully a tour to go with it. 

While it's been a few years since Amy Lee from Evanescence co-hosted the LA Lloyd Rock 30, like 2011...You can be rest assured she is back and her voice is stronger than ever in so many different ways.  While everyone has not been allowed to tour, Evanescence has been busy writing music, self-producing videos and encouraging everyone to get out and vote on election day.  We will talk about the new single called Use My Voice which features Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless, Lzzy Hale from Halestorm and others.  Also, we will dedicate some time to Headcount which is a national non-profit organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy in the United States.

COVID-19 has affected everyone's lives but especially musicians who can't tour and play for their fans and make a living.  LA Lloyd had noticed a particular tweet recently from Chris Motionless from Motionless In White regarding the pandemic.  Chris wrote, "My mental health is on a serious decline this year. Especially this month. I cant believe how worthless I feel not being able to tour and having so much time to sit in my head and obsess over regrets and self hatred. I hope anyone else experiencing similar feelings are doing okay."  When friends see other friends feeling down, they reach out as LA Lloyd did with Chris.  So, let us we try and help you forget the pandemic as we have a friendly conversation about music and life. 

Over the past few months, LA Lloyd has done several interviews with artists from their home due to COVID-19.  Scott Stapp opens up in this personal interview about coming back from a dark period in his life which led to his single "Survivor."  In addition, he talks about bonding with his wife and kids now that the Pandemic has given him more time at home than ever in his career.  

On April 23,2020 I had Tommy Vext, Bad Wolves vocalist for an in-depth conversation.  We were both under stay-at home orders due to COVID-19.  He was in Los Angeles and I was in Austin.  Many topics covered include why they covered "Zombie" originally done by The Cranberries...fantastic story, Zoltan Bathory from Five Finger Death Punch is their manager...did you know that,  their relationship with Diamante and her appearance on the Bad Wolves track "Hear Me Now, and how tough it is to live in LA and make a living being in a band.  You'll hear a lot of interesting facts about the band but most importantly how many great songs are on their album "Disobey."  

Duff McKagan has had a few days from touring with Guns 'N Roses.  So there's no rest...Instead, Duff teamed up with Shooter Jennings who produced his solo album Tenderness.  Duff describes these songs as ones of healing written from his observations while on the Not In This Lifetime Tour with Guns 'n Roses.  LA Lloyd said, "this is the most intimate interview I've ever done with an artist." 

This interview was recorded June 10, 2019 at the Historic Scoot Inn in Austin, TX before Duff's solo show with Shooter Jennings.

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