• 00:51 Jefferson memorial: Drew visits Washington DC
  • 03:44 Just A Gigolo: Lisle gets called a playa on Match.com
  • 14:06 Ava’s Rat: LA Lloyd’s daughter wants a pet rat
  • 19:35 Shitting in the Driveway: Someone takes a dump in the driveway at the radio station
  • 24:07 Harlem Globetrotters: Lisle takes the kids to the Globetrotters and he signs a basketball

For mature audiences 18+

Beaver Cool Aid Episode 24: Ghosting


The Beaver meets three different ghosts in this episode.


• 00:11  Drew ghosts a former friend and leaves him high and dry and is feeling guilty.

• 15:20  Lisle has been couch-less for four years.

• 24:35  Drew explains the smell that every Pier 1 has.

• 34:05  Lloyd pays tribute to his ultimate listener who recently passed away named “Martha the  Statistician.”

• 39:21  Drew gets stoned and plays American Top 40 in the wrong order and Casey’s ghost sends a long distance dedication to close out the show.

Beaver Cool Aid Episode 23: Fried Chicken


Lloyd opens the Podcast talking about a Father’s Day Dinner eating one of his favorite foods...fried chicken which immediately opens the door for aficionado Lisle to reflect on his grandmother’s cast iron skillet recipe that would seriously challenge the Colonel’s. This leads into a conversation on the statistically proven bad tipping from Millennials; Why do grocery store cashiers become mediums and predict your dinner plans based on your purchases; Drew attempts to buy a bed skirt at the mall and gets rejected by bad employee; Does overplaying video games lead to mental illness; A new way to entertain the kids when they’re out of school at Coding Summer Camp; Finally Drew avoids pants below his man-tits by revisiting the gym.

• 00:11 Drew hangs out with naked 75-year-old man in sauna

• 06:44 Paying tribute to the real most interesting man in the world Anthony Bourdain

• 12:11 Lisle asks the thought provoking question; Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?

• 18:18 Should you change your Social Media personality because it’s got too unreal and overwhelming

• 26:26 Drew’s day of reckoning: Purging email, weight and unnecessary things in his dally life

• 31:16 Kid’s art and Happy Father’s Day

Beaver Cool Aid Episode 21: Pharm Party

• 00:11 Lloyd goes to his daughter’s High School graduation unprepared

• 07:59 Lisle gets abandoned on a date at a Joe Bonamassa concert

• 15:32 Drew’s guide to small talk when you’ve got no game

• 21:29 Lloyd’s daughter explains “Pharm Party” which will make every parent cringe

• 27:36 KISS and Roseanne’s “End Of The Road” Farewell tour

• 35:05 The XXXL teddy…Men discussing lingerie

This Podcast features Myles Kennedy when he co-hosted the national radio show LA Lloyd Rock Countdown February 3, 2018 prior to the release of the album Year Of The Tiger.

Myles talks with LA Lloyd about:

  • Reinventing Alter Bridge while recording The Last Hero
  • Time management working within so many bands and projects
  • Working with "Elvis" Baskette
  • The one consistent thing always used in writing songs since the beginning
  • Releasing first-ever solo album
  • Getting the part in "Rock Star."

This interview is unedited and raw exactly as it was recorded April 16, 2018 backstage at The Tobin Center in San Antonio, TX immediately following an intense workout from Brent Smith.  It was pre-recorded to run Memorial Day weekend after the new album was to be released.  Normally, I will edit or clean up the interview due to background noise but Brent's honesty was so pure, I wanted you to hear it first-hand the same way I did.  After seeing their live show playing songs from the latest album "Attention Attention," Brent was at the top of his game with fellow bandmates Barry Kerch, Eric Bass and Zach Myers.  This interview also broke the record for most co-host appearances on my national syndicated radio show LA Lloyd Rock Countdown at 15 times.  It is a must-listen podcast for anyone who is a Shinedown fan, including myself who has been along for the ride since the first time I played "Fly From The Inside" on the radio 15 years ago in 2003.  Enjoy and thank you SHINEDOWN for the amazing songs!

The Beaver hits its first milestone of completing 20 Podcasts. In this episode, Lisle eats some bad cheese and explains why it’s OK to buy the meat at Wal-Mart with the yellow tags to save a couple bucks. A primate escapes at the San Antonio airport. Many call it a baboon, but in reality it’s a Rhesus Macaque. Lloyd makes a few jokes about the pronunciation of macaque, which leads into a discussion of why a good night DJ will eventually become a great morning personality on the radio. Finally, Drew, Lisle and Lloyd discuss the Royal Wedding and how the new Duchess puts the “sex” in Sussex. Interestingly, this leads us into a history lesson from Lisle and thought provoking conversation of why Meghan Markle is called “bi-racial” by the media in the U.K, while Obama is referred to as “Black” and “African American” in the US. Why so serious?

The Beaver returns after Drew has been traveling to Toronto where he attends a Blue Jays game and drinks so much he decides to leave in the 5th inning only to find out the next day he missed a no-hitter.  Later Drew’s travels take him to Los Angeles where he enjoys a few gummy edibles but loses one.  He traces his steps back to a taco stand and finds it on the floor.  Does he still eat it?  Lisle learns about middle school vaping from his 6th grade daughter.  Also, Lisle considers blogging about traveling as a career change but decides he doesn’t like to write.  How will Texas handle legal sports betting?  Lisle breaks it down.  A new Guns N Roses remastered Appetite For Destruction collection is available in June and we discuss “Box Sets For Dummies."  Finally, we pay tribute and say so long to one of our favorite restaurants as long time friend Chuck Stanley closes the CBQ Smokehouse.

Sevendust Lajon Witherspoon interview with LA Lloyd: Carolina Rebellion Special

 In this Podcast, we kick off May, “The World’s Loudest Month” in honor of the big Rock Festivals including Rock on the Range, Rocklahoma and this one for Carolina Rebellion.

Lajon Witherspoon, Sevendust vocalist, talks about the following in this episode:

  • His earliest memories as a singer in church
  • Relationship with the fans at the live shows
  • New record deal with Rise Records
  • New album “All I See Is War”
  • Working with Michael “Elvis” Baskette as producer and never leaving the house
  • The lead off track “Dirty”
  • How to balance family and touring
  • And finally the joy of playing the big Rock Festivals!

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